Meyers Green Steel frames homes using Steel. For generations we have relied on the strength and durability of steel in commercial buildings, hospitals, in our children’s schools, and in luxury homes. Why not use steel for our own homes? This is the biggest investment of a life time for most people. Now, the high technology, durability, safety, and quality of steel framing are available and practical for your home. With more than 20 years of experience of building with steel, Meyers Green Steel can frame your custom home and help personalize your home and insure it is built properly.

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Steel saves energy and Steel framing leads the way in conservation of resources. With a frame made of galvanized steel, you not only have a stronger and longer lasting structure or home, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that steel is the most recycled material on the Earth. More steel is recycled annually than all other materials, including aluminum, glass, and paper combined. Steel is the engine that drives the recycling of many consumer goods such as 100% recycling rate of automobiles. The steel found in just six cars, when recycled, is enough to build a brand new house, using steel framing of course! For more information on this and more, visit the Steel Recycling Institute website at

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